What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing enables you to work with your body to release fear and negativity, so you can come in to a space that is calm, peaceful and confident.

Hypnobirthing is made up from a lot of simple things which, overall with practice, make a very big difference. It uses the power of words and language to work positively with the unconscious mind to let go of fear, re-programme and free your intuitive mind, so that you can feel more confident and powerful in your body.

When you are able to tap in to your instincts without fear or distrust, you will have a more comfortable, calm, empowered labour and birth and feel more in control of the process.

Does Hypnobirthing mean I will experience a pain-free labour?

As you and your body are so unique, so too will be your labour; I cannot guarantee all women will have a pain-free experience but it will make a very big difference. Some women say they had no pain at all and some say it was less painful than they had anticipated, or experienced before. As Hypnobirthing enables a natural birth you will be less likely to experience any tears and you will recover more quickly.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing for my baby?

As you feel more relaxed and calm during your pregnancy, your baby should benefit from all those feel good hormones “endorphins” being released, helping him or her to feel secure and comforted within the womb. When your baby is born, with Hypnobirthing, he or she should not be traumatised from a difficult delivery and should sleep better, feed better, develop and thrive more quickly, be content and happy and develop positive and secure relationships.

How does Hypnobirthing help the father?

Hypnobirthing enables the father to establish an important role in his partner’s pregnancy and birth and to become her support during this process. You will encouraged to read the relaxation scripts together and he will learn how to gently massage you and then, during your labour, to become your protector and advocate. He will learn how to ask the right questions of the medical professionals and help make informed decisions, so that the birthing experience is the best it can possibly be. The whole process can be very bonding between partners and between father and baby.

What will I learn on the course?

You will learn how to:

  • Release fear and tension and trust your body’s instincts to give birth naturally.
  • Understand the connection between mind and body.
  • Practice breathing and visualisation techniques that keep you calm, focused and relaxed.
  • Feel confident and take control of your birthing experience.
  • Learn massage techniques that help to release endorphins to keep you positive and drug free.
  • Understand the physiology of pregnancy and birth.
  • The importance of bonding with your baby and how it affects them.
  • Be informed on breast feeding, home births, water births, hospital procedures and… much more.

Does Hypnobirthing work if I need an intervention, an induction or Caesarean?

Hypnobirthing makes a difference whether you have a natural home birth or one in hospital where it may have not gone quite how you would have liked. So long as you have done the practice, then you will feel calm, relaxed and more confident than you would have experienced otherwise.

Will Hypnobirthing work for me?

There’s no great secret to Hypnobirthing, it’s just practice, practice, practice! A very simple equation, the more you practice the more it works but even if you don’t have time to do as much as you hoped to do, all your training and relaxation will help you to feel calm, relaxed and you will trust that your body knows exactly how to give birth.

When Can I start Hypnobirthing?

There are no time limits on Hypnobirthing; you can start as early as you are able or leave it as late as you like, it will work just the same. In general, most couples start 3-4 months before the birth, leaving plenty of time for practice.